Cold Brew Happiness Box

Cold Brew Happiness Box

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 The perfect accompaniment to your Creamier ice cream, the Cold Brew Happiness Box is a great choice for your business meetings or for your personal stash of cold brew coffee. Chill and enjoy without delay. #UnboxTheHappiness


This party box for coffee lovers is filled with 4 bottles of our Cold Brew coffee.

Our cold brew coffee is made using an Ethiopian Coffee, Suke Quto, from our friends from Papa Palheta Specialty Coffee Roasters. Characteristics of the coffee include berry, fruity and citrusy flavours. The coffee is ground and soaked in a brewer and extracted after a minimum of 12 hours. A great choice if you enjoy a lightly-roasted and bright-tasting brew.

NOTE: Available for home delivery and pick-ups at Creamier Gillman Barracks. #UnboxTheHappiness