Tiong Bahru In-Store Ice Cream Flavours

Updated as of 02 July 2021


With the recent announcement of Singapore going to Phase 3 (Heightened Alert), please note the following changes:

- Effective 21 June 2021, Creamier will be only admitting customers who check in via TraceTogether App or TraceTogether Token.

- We will be not be accepting any dine-ins at the moment. Only takeaway and food delivery orders will be allowed.

- In light of safe distancing, only 1 person is allowed in the queue when placing an order.

- We encourage Creamier-at-home options instead via our online store, creamier.com.sg/shop, and via food delivery platforms Deliveroo, foodpanda and GrabFood.

Creamier has the right to refuse entry to customers who do not adhere to the rules above as safety remains our priority. Thank you so much for your kind understanding. #SGUNITED


Kindly note that each outlet has limited stock due to storage capacity. This flavour list serves as a reference and there may be occasions where some flavours may be out of stock. Please check with our staff in store to enquire about availability. Thank you!
Flavours with (*) indicate a premium flavour.
Flavours with (alcoholic) indicate an alcoholic flavour and not suitable for young children.
You can also purchase our pints online 3 DAYS IN ADVANCE and arrange for self-pickup to save the hassle of queuing.
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Ice Cream Pints Flavours:

-Blue Pea Vanilla *

-Cookies And Cream 

-Summer Strawberries *

-Earl Grey Lavender 

-Roasted Pistachio *

-Plain Ole Chocolate 

-Sea Salt Gula Melaka 

-Butterscotch Almond*

-Lime Mojito (alcoholic)*

-Lemon Curd Matcha Croissant*

-Japanese Green Tea

-Rum Raisin (alcoholic)*

-Richest Dark Chocolate Ferrero (alcoholic)*


Ice Cream Scoops Flavours:

-Summer Strawberries*

-Cookies & Cream

-Sea Salt Gula Melaka

-Plain Ole Chocolate

-Earl Grey Lavender

-Roasted Pistachio*

-Butterscotch Almond*

-Blue Pea Vanilla*

-Richest Dark Chocolate Ferrero (Alcoholic)* (R)

-Lime Mojito (alcoholic)*

-Lemon Curd Matcha Croissant*

-Japanese Green Tea (R)

-Rum Raisin (alcoholic)* (R)

-Mango Passionfruit Sorbet* (R)

(R) = rotation flavours



Creamier Fun 5: 
Sea Salt Gula Melaka, Earl Grey Lavender, Plain Ole Chocolate, Roasted Pistachio, Summer Strawberries - $5.50

Kids’ Faves 
Cookies & Cream, Summer Strawberries, Plain Ole Chocolate , Sea Salt Gula Melaka, Blue Pea Vanilla + Marshmallows - $5.50

Create Your Own
You may choose 5 flavours of your choice- $5.80
*Please note that Creamier Fun 5 are of melon scoop size.


In-Store Menu

~ Handcrafted Ice Creams ~

Single / Double Scoop  -  $3.90  /$6.80

Premium Flavours   -   Add $1.00 per scoop

Pint Standard  -  $12.90

Pint Premium  -  $16.90

Toppings  -  $0.50

~ Freshly Baked Waffles ~

Plain Waffles  -  $6

Waffles + Single Scoop Ice Cream (Standard)  -  $9.70

Extra Scoop (Standard)  -  $3.30

 Premium Flavours   -   Add $1.00 per scoop

Extra Maple or Chocolate Syrup  -  $0.50


~ Coffee ~

Pourover  -  $6.50
Choose single-origin offering: 
Caturra Washed / Suke Quto

Coldbrew  -  $7.00

~Tea ~

Specialty Brew (Hot)  -  $4.50 (cup)
Choose blend: 
Lychee Rose / Melon & Mangosteen / Peach Nectar / Morning Dew

Summer Iced Tea  -  $6.80 (glass) / $10.80 (carafe)

Lychee Tea Fizz -  $6.80 (glass) / $10.80 (carafe)


~Ice Cream Floats & Sodas ~

Root Beer Float   - $7.50

Root Beer  -  $3.00


~Others ~

Eco Bottled Water - $1.50 



- END -