Tiong Bahru In-Store Ice Cream Flavours

Updated as of 18 July 2022


The cost of ingredients have risen in recent months and we've been doing our best to absorb the impact. Unfortunately, the latest round of increment has been significantly steep, hence, our menu pricing will be adjusted from 27 June 2022 onwards. We thank you for your kind understanding and warm support.


With effect from 26 Apr 2022,

- Mask wearing continues to be required indoors. While you're seated or queueing for payment, do continue to keep your mask on until your food has arrived. Customers should put on their masks as soon as they have finished eating or drinking.

- We are taking all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our guests and team. All high-contact surfaces are sanitised frequently throughout the day. 

- Due to limited table capacity, you may experience a slightly longer waiting time.

- If you are spending more time indoors, you can still enjoy our ice creams by ordering online. Creamier is also available on GrabFood, Deliveroo and foodpanda. 

- Creamier has the right to refuse entry to customers who do not adhere to the rules above as safety remains our priority. Thank you so much for your kind understanding.


** Kindly note that each outlet has limited stock due to storage capacity.

This flavour list serves as a reference and there may be
occasions where some flavours may be out of stock.
Please check with our staff in store to enquire about availability. Thank you! **
Flavours with (*) indicates a premium flavour.
Flavours with (alcoholic) indicates an
alcoholic flavour and not suitable for young children.

You can also purchase our pints online 3 DAYS IN ADVANCE 
and arrange for self-pickup to save the hassle of queuing.

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In-Store Menu

~ Handcrafted Ice Creams ~

Single / Double Scoop  -  $4.30  /$7.60
Premium Flavours   -   Add $1.00 per scoop
Pint Standard  -  $13.90
Pint Premium  -  $16.90
*Roasted Pistachio - $18.90
Toppings  -  $0.50

~ Freshly Made Waffles ~

Plain Waffles  -  $7.50
Waffles + Single Scoop Ice Cream (Standard)  -  $10.90
Extra Scoop (Standard)  -  $3.80
Premium Flavours   -   Add $1.00 per scoop
Take-Away Charge - Add $0.30 per set
Extra Maple or Chocolate Syrup  -  $0.60


Ice Cream Pints Flavours:
- Sea Salt Gula Melaka
- Plain Ole Chocolate
- Earl Grey Lavender
- Roasted Pistachio*
- Summer Strawberries*
- Blue Pea Vanilla*
- Cookies And Cream
- Butterscotch Almond*
- Mango Passionfruit Sorbet*
- Rum Raisin (alcoholic)*
- Richest Dark Chocolate Ferrero (alcoholic)*
- Salty Lychee Sorbet
- Pina Colada (alcoholic)*
- Lemon Curd Matcha Croissant*
- Mochaccino*
- Kopi Peng
-Teh Peng
- Charcoal Black Sesame*
- Cinnamon Raisin Cream Cheese Bagel*
- Golden Waffles with Maple Syrup*
- Vanilla Bean*

Ice Cream Scoops Flavours:
- Sea Salt Gula Melaka
- Plain Ole Chocolate
- Earl Grey Lavender
- Roasted Pistachio*
- Blue Pea Vanilla*
- Cookies And Cream
-Butterscotch Almond
- Summer Strawberries*
- Mango Passionfruit Sorbet* (R)
- Rum Raisin (alcoholic)*
- Salty Lychee Sorbet (R)
- Charcoal Black Sesame*
- Cinnamon Raisin Cream Cheese Bagel*
- Golden Waffles with Maple Syrup*
- Vanilla Bean*

(R) Rotation Flavours
Please check in on our display for daily available flavours.
- Creamier Fun 5 - 
*Please note that Creamier Fun 5 are of melon scoop size.
Sea Salt Gula Melaka, Earl Grey Lavender, Plain Ole Chocolate,
Roasted Pistachio, Summer Strawberries - $5.90

Kids’ Faves
Cookies & Cream, Summer Strawberries, Plain Ole Chocolate,
Sea Salt Gula Melaka, Blue Pea Vanilla + Marshmallows - $5.90

Create Your Own
You may choose 5 flavours of your choice - $6.30


Doggie Ice Cream -

Banana Surprise / Super Berries / Birthday Cake

Bundle of 3
~ Coffee ~
Pour-Over -  $7.50 
Cold Brew - $7.00

~ Tea ~

Specialty Brew (Hot)  -  $4.50 (cup)
Choose blend: 
Lychee Rose / Melon & Mangosteen / Peach Nectar / Morning Dew

Summer Iced Tea  (Black Current with Iced Black Tea)
-  $6.50 (glass) / $10.00 (carafe)

Lychee Tea Fizz  (Lychee, Handmade Tea Syrup with Soda)
-  $7.00 (glass) / $12.00 (carafe)


~ Ice Cream Floats & Sodas ~

Root Beer Float  - $8.00
Root Beer  -  $3.50


~ Others ~

Eco Bottled Water - $1.50 


- END -