Please note that a price adjustment will take effect from 01 March 2021. Free islandwide delivery for orders $65 and above; otherwise, a delivery fee of $18 will apply. We require at least 3 working days in advance to prepare your order as our products are made fresh.

Tiong Bahru In-Store Ice Cream Flavours

Updated as of 15 April 2021
Kindly note that each outlet has limited stock due to storage capacity. This flavour list serves as a reference and there may be occasions where some flavours may be out of stock. Please check with our staff in store to enquire about availability. Thank you!
Flavours with (*) indicate a premium flavour.
Flavours with (alcoholic) indicate an alcoholic flavour and not suitable for young children.
You can also purchase our pints online 3 DAYS IN ADVANCE and arrange for self-pickup to save the hassle of queuing.
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Ice Cream Pints Flavours:

-Blue Pea Vanilla *

-Cookies And Cream 

-Rum & Raisins (alcoholic) *

-Summer Strawberries *

-Earl Grey Lavender 

-Roasted Pistachio *

-Plain Ole Chocolate 

-Sea Salt Gula Melaka 

-Mango Passionfruit Sorbet*

-Richest Dark Chocolate Ferrero (alcoholic) *

-Thai Milk Tea 

-Watermelon with Soju (alcoholic)*



Ice Cream Scoops Flavours:

 - Honey Lemon Yuzu Sorbet*

-Watermelon with Soju (Alcoholic)*

-Summer Strawberries*

-Cookies & Cream

- Thai Milk Tea

-Sea Salt Gula Melaka

-Plain Ole Chocolate

-Earl Grey Lavender

-Roasted Pistachio*

-Butterscotch Almond*

-Blue Pea Vanilla*

-Richest Dark Chocolate Ferrero (Alcoholic)*

Creamier Fun 5: 
Sea Salt Gula Melaka, Earl Grey Lavender, Plain Ole Chocolate, Roasted Pistachio, Summer Strawberries - $5.50

Kids’ Faves 
Cookies & Cream, Summer Strawberries, Plain Ole Chocolate , Sea Salt Gula Melaka, Blue Pea Vanilla + Marshmallows - $5.50

Create Your Own
You may choose 5 flavours of your choice- $5.80
*Please note that Creamier Fun 5 are of melon scoop size.


In-Store Menu

~ Handcrafted Ice Creams ~

Single / Double Scoop  -  $3.90  /$6.80

Premium Flavours   -   Add $1.00 per scoop

Pint Standard  -  $12.90

Pint Premium  -  $16.90

Toppings  -  $0.50

~ Freshly Baked Waffles ~

Plain Waffles  -  $6

Waffles + Single Scoop Ice Cream (Standard)  -  $9.70

Extra Scoop (Standard)  -  $3.30

 Premium Flavours   -   Add $1.00 per scoop

Extra Maple or Chocolate Syrup  -  $0.50


~ Coffee ~

Pourover  -  $6.50
Choose single-origin offering: 
Red bourbon Washed / Suke Quto

Coldbrew  -  $7.00

~Tea ~

Specialty Brew (Hot)  -  $4.50 (cup)
Choose blend: 
Lychee Rose / Melon & Mangosteen / Peach Nectar / Morning Dew

Summer Iced Tea  -  $6.80 (glass) / $10.80 (carafe)

Lychee Tea Fizz -  $6.80 (glass) / $10.80 (carafe)


~Ice Cream Floats & Sodas ~

Iced Chocolate Float  - $7.50

Root Beer Float   - $7.50

Root Beer  -  $3.00


~Others ~

Eco Bottled Water - $1.50 



- END -