Pamper Your Pup with 'Good Girl' Pup Cup - Ice Cream Delight

Pup Cup: Good Girl (Doggie Ice Cream)

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Carrot cake lovers, rejoice! Our Good Girl flavour is reminiscent of the moist spiced cake, and is vegan to boot. Made with gluten-free sponge and lactose-free whole milk, this will be a real savoury treat for the doggos.

Size: 3.5oz

P.S. We are in the process of transitioning to a new paper wrap packaging for our Pup Cup. We want to assure you that there is no difference in the quality or content of the product, if you receive Pup Cup with the sticker label packaging. We apologize for any confusion this may cause and appreciate your understanding during this transition.

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Coconut Cream, Fresh Banana, Carrot Puree, Gluten-Free Sponge, Sugar, Maltodextrin, Dextrose, Cinnamon Powder, Stabilizer

Place in the freezer immediately. Store between -16°C to -20°C and best consumed within 7 days once opened for freshness. Check bottom of packaging for expiry.